Alternet Systems Plans To Introduce Tesla Of Electric Motorcycles To Lead $120 Billion Market Opportunity

Dallas, TX – December 12, 2017 Alternet Systems, Inc. (USOTC: ALYI) announced today an online presentation scheduled for release on Thursday, December 14th, to highlight additional details regarding the company’s recently announced partnership discussions intended to open up China’s leading Electric Vehicle (EV) market for Alternet’s patented lithium energy solution.  China has been the largest automobile market in the world since 2009.   The Asia Pacific region is also the largest motorcycle, scooter and moped market in the world.  The global market for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds in 2017 is expected to exceed 130 million units.  Global car sales are anticipated to be less than 80 million units.  As per capita income in developing economic regions continues to improve, motorcycle, scooter and moped sales are correspondingly expected to grow.  Separately, the global electric bicycle market is growing and expected to reach 24 billion by 2025.  In the online presentation on Thursday this week, Alternet will present the opportunity to introduce the Tesla of electric two-wheel transportation to the world. 


Within a strategic partnership, Similar to Tesla’s rollout, Alternet expects to introduce a high-end electric motorcycle to capture the market’s attention, and then introduce a Model T like affordable electric, two-wheel vehicle to serve the developing economic market demand for primary transportation. The two-wheel transportation market is far less crowded with competitors than the automobile market and global per unit demand exceeds that of automobiles.  Alternet has the lithium battery technology that can put an electric two-wheel competitor on top of the market and the Alternet management team brings the necessary experience to execute a growth strategy in developing economic regions. Tune in on Thursday to learn more.

Alternet Patented Lithium Energy Solution

On July 21, 2017, Alternet Systems acquired Lithium IP Holdings in a transaction that included a management and business direction change.  Randell Torno was named the new Alternet Systems Chairman and CEO.  Edward Bollen, the President of Lithium IP Holdings, also joined the Altnernet Systems management team.  On June 23, 2017, Lithium IP Holdings executed an agreement with Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (NYSE: APD) to exclusively license ten U.S. Patented lithium battery technologies with an option to acquire the ten U.S. Patents. 

Alternet Lithium Energy Integration and Development Strategy

Alternet’s business strategy today is to partner with prominent third parties producing products and services that require stable, safe, long duration power in high impact operating systems.  Within such partnerships, Alternet and each partner will together develop an integrated solution that includes a power component based on Alternet’s lithium technology. Alternet’s lithium technology applicability in military solutions presents promising partnership development opportunities.  At the same time, Alternet is also developing partnerships separate from the military industrial sector to include the Electric Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) partners.  Several potential partners participated in Alternet’s vetting process when identifying and selecting a technology to acquire as the foundation of the company’s strategy to bring a stable, safe, long duration power solution to market for high impact operating systems.  Partnership announcements are anticipated to be forthcoming soon.

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