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Alternet Systems Has Entered The Lithium Sector To Commercialize Innovations Designed To Improve Upon Current Lithium Technologies


The emergence of the Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage markets is being driven by a social interest in reducing carbon emissions and corresponding global regulatory reforms intended to curb carbon emissions.  According to research from Deutsch Bank, battery consumption worldwide is expected to increase 5x over the next 10 years, placing substantial pressure on the battery supply chain.  The same report indicates that lithium demand will increase from 181kt Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE) in 2015 to 535kt LCE by 2025.

The news is full of stories about the rising demand for lithium.  The ever increasing use of personal electronic devices using lithium ion batteries alone is driving an exponential increase in demand for lithium.  Add to the increasing demand the now daily siting of one or more Teslas (NASDAQ: TSLA) on your ordinary commute to work, compounded further by Tesla’s opening of its Gigafactory, and it’s clear the current supply of lithium is dramatically insufficient to serve existing demand. 

As if that were not enough, California is bringing three massive lithium battery facilities on line for storing electricity to be dispersed on the network during peak demand periods.  The US Department of Defense is also seeking lithium solutions for the vast array of computer electronics integrated into high tech weapon systems. 

Goldman Sachs has called lithium the “new gasoline.”  Remember the history of kerosene coming into fashion for lighting houses and the later rise of gasoline for fueling cars.  Entrepreneurs like Rockefeller built fortunes that maintain a prominent foot print today over 100 years later by becoming early movers in a then fledging industry for harvesting oil and refining it into usable kerosene and gasoline.  The famously rich and iconic Howard Hughes fortune was built on inventing and producing tools for the oil exploration and drilling industry. 

Alternet Systems has entered the lithium sector by acquiring a company, Lithium IP Holdings, that has a portfolio of lithium technology patents.  Now the expert management team, with decades of experience and a vast network of government and industry contacts, will endeavor to develop partnerships with prominent businesses and agencies to commercialize its portfolio of lithium technologies while at the same time continuing to expand the existing portfolio.


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Alternet Systems Announces New Partnership Developments For Patented Lithium Technologies Tested In Cooperation With Nissan and Sanyo

DALLAS, November 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Dallas, TX – November 14, 2017 Alternet Systems, Inc. (USOTC: ALYI) today announced new partnership developments advancing the company’s strategy to become a recognized brand name within the lithium ion battery market.  The strategy is built on the company’s portfolio of ten lithium technology patents.  Detailed information on each of the patents is available on the United States Patent and Trademark (USPTO) website.  Alternet specifically sought out and obtained the technology portfolio to deliver stable, safe, long duration power in high impact operating systems.  The Alternet lithium technologies were originally developed to provide a stable, long-lasting and safe solution for the growing electric vehicle (EV), and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) market in addition to the portable power (PP) market for the growing number of personal electronic devices.  Among other features, the Alternet lithium technologies expand the operating temperature window of lithium-ion batteries compared to currently available lithium-ion batteries thus improving safety by reducing the risk of combustion and also improving efficiency by reducing or eliminating a supplemental battery cooling function.  The battery cooling efficiency is particularly valuable in the EV and HEV market.  In partnership with the original developer of the lithium patents, the technologies were tested in cooperation with Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. and UBE Industries, Ltd., the primarily source of batteries for Sanyo Electric Co, Ltd.

Alternet’s business strategy is to partner with prominent third parties producing products and services that require stable, safe, long duration power in high impact operating systems.  Within such partnerships, Alternet and each partner will together develop an integrated solution that includes a power component based on Alternet’s lithium technology.  Alternet management has an extensive background in military industrial solutions.  The original technology developer did not concentrate on military applications.  The combination of Alternet’s military background and high potential of the technology for applicability in military solutions presents a promising partnership development opportunity.  At the same time, Alternet is also developing partnerships separate from the military industrial sector to include the EV and HEV partners.  Several potential partners participated in Alternet’s vetting process when identifying and selecting a technology to acquire as the foundation of the company’s strategy to bring a stable, safe, long duration power solution to market for high impact operating systems.  Partnership announcements are anticipated to be forthcoming soon.

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